Phenotype-L RDA November 15, 2016 12:24

The Phenotype-L RDA is a dual 3mm post rebuildable dripping atomizer that comes from a collaboration between both Anarchist and Aria Built. This is currently my go to RDA, and I want to share why.

The most prominent feature by far is its easily adjustable quad slot vertical air flow. This feature gives you the ability to greatly customize your airflow to suite your build and needs, while also making it easy to maintain a cool temperature without having to compromise your desired build.

Other features include a 24k gold plated negative post, gold plated 510 contact, 4mm Deep Juice pool and a huge Anarchist and Aria logo engraved onto each side (which look amazingly cool).

A potential downside is that there is no airflow option for a single coil build. That said, if there was an option for a single build, then it would not have the beautifully customisable airflow that it currently has. Personally, I say that’s worth it. Most people will never find themselves with all four airflow slots open. So you could say the airflow is a little overkill, but the huge amount of airflow option allows you to keep your clouds cool (especially if you use the larger mouth piece that comes with it) on builds where you would usually find the vapour getting pretty warm.

When it comes to flavour I find the Phenotype to be a bit on the weak side. The flavour is certainly there, but for a flavour chaser this would not be a decent option for you. Cloud chasing on the other hand, this could be your new favourite toy. The Phenotype provides you with the ability to run some pretty beasty coils that will chuck out some huge clouds, all while keeping the clouds cool, smooth and tasty (tasty enough for my standards anyway, I’m no flavour chaser).  On top of that, the phenotype is outright eye candy. It is elegantly designed, and manufactured to be as sturdy and strong as we have come to expect from Ari built products.

Are you looking for a cloud chasing RDA with max airflow control, a decent juice pool and an easy to use dual post build deck? All without spending more than $100? Then I recommend you check out the Phenotype-L RDA by Anarchist & Aria.