Mason 30mm RDA - An Overview March 09, 2017 12:58


Back to basics, straight airflow for a delightful vape

Vapergate Colorado brings you the 30mm Mason RDA.

The Mason RDA offers dual tiered, focus directed airflow straight to the coil with a variable triple tiered air flow control ring. Staying true to the uni-post deck design, the negative posts are dug out leaving more room for coils and cotton configurations.

Square center post in a square hole in a square peek insulator in a square deck hole ensures no spinning or loose connections.  The delrin insert in the top cap is threaded for added convenience, allowing the user to replace and remove the insert for replacement or chuff upgrades. The extended 510 connection keeps this rda safe on any mod, even if it's a hybrid.  The unique heat sink built into the top cap also echoes the brick mason theme, as does the overall packaging of this rda. 


  • 30mm deck
  • Three post deck ( Each with two post holes ) 
  • Sturdy space conscious design
  • 510 thread

Last week I lost my vape, now it was probably around somewhere, but it seemed like a good enough excuse to get my hands on one of the new Wismec RX300's by JayBo! Then a new problem came up, all of my RDA's are 22mm... And looked absolutely ridiculous sitting atop the beast of a mod I had just purchased..
I looked up and my answer was clear! The 30mm Mason RDA!

I was dubious at first, the standard 24gauge Nichrome, five wrap dual coils looked a bit ridiculous sitting in, what is a monster of an RDA. But I persevered anyway hating every puffs.
Now I can't logically blame this on the velocity style deck, although I want to. I've never liked building in velocity style decks because I've found that they work well with standard, clapton and twisted wire, but not the flat or multicore wire I prefer to use. After a few days of vaping agony, I decided to right my wrongs and actually sit my ass down and build something worth vaping. Because of the velocity style deck, I knew I would get away with anything too wide without the inevitable OCD that would follow. 
I ended up with dual 7wrap alien coils, make with28gauge kanthal and 34gauge nichrome, and because I got a free pack of cotton bacon with my Mason 30mm RDA, I thought I might as well bang some of that in as well!

I love it.
Flavour, check. Clouds bigger than my tiny ex-smokers lungs can handle, check. enough room inside to build to my hearts content, check. An exciting array of little prezzies under the foam insert, check. What is there not to love about this, besides the velocity style deck of course, and even taking that into account, I've been quite happy to use this everyday for the past two weeks.

If you're an avid coil builder, or just someone wanting to throw some MASSIVE clouds, I would give this baby a shot or two. You will not be disappointed.