Lill' Cuties November 15, 2016 12:19

I love low profile RDAs. Also known as shorties or mini RDAs, these compact atomisers are just so simple and discreet I find myself hard pressed to use any other RDA.

Low profile RDAs are great. They look nice on a box mod, they fit nice in your pocket, and they perform as well as any RDA if you know how to use them. Brag warning: I won the open class cloud competition on a Mako Shorty that had a low profile 510 Dotmod driptip! So it goes to show that mini RDAs can huck clouds like the best of them.

My first mini RDA was the Mako Shorty by Beyond Vape. The Mako Shorty is a smaller take on it’s cloud chasing behemoth of a cousin the Mako War 2. With similar cyclops adjustable airflow, 3 post deck, as well as your choice of a 510 driptip or big open bore drip tip, the Mako Shorty is literally just a shorter version of the Mako War 2.
Building on the Mako Shorty can be a bit fiddly however once you get used to it it’s not too hard to pop in some big ol’ claptons. My preferred build for this being a simple 4mm internal diameter dual clapton with ~4wraps coming in at around 0.4ohms. This was perfect when used my Coolfire IV TC 100, the internal diameter letting the wicks suck up as much juice as they needed, and with just enough room for the airflow to go unimpeded. With my low profile Dotmod driptip the flavour is amazing, similar to any big RDA.

Currently I’m using the Dinghy RDA by Flawless Vapes. The Dinghy doesn’t have adjustable airflow like the Mako Shorty, however the slots are well placed and allow for a similar amount of airflow to the Mako. The Dinghy comes with a chuff-styled mouthpiece which lets you take large direct-to-lung draws. With a similar build to the Mako Shorty I’m able to blow huge clouds, however unlike the Mako Shorty the flavour isn’t quite as good, possibly due to the big chuff cap mouthpiece.

If I’m honest I’m surprised low profle RDAs haven’t been a bigger deal in the vape industry. Their function is comparable to some of the best RDAs I’ve used and their form (in my opinion) is a lot more user friendly, better suited to those who like to pocket their RDA when they’re on the go.