iStick Basic Starter Kit November 15, 2016 12:30


This is one of our most popular Starter Kits in store to date, with a 2300mah battery you don't have to worry about running out of life throughout the day, and with your tank submerged into your mod, it's not the heart attack it normally is when you drop it off the counter!
This kit comes with everything you need to start vaping, inside the box you get your battery, a GS Air 2 tank and 510 magnet connection, a spare magnet connection with an ego thread, spare 0.75 GS Air coil and a charging cable.
With it's sleek design the iStick Basic sits comfortably in your hand, but don't let that fool you! The Basic runs up to 25 watts with the recommended 0.75 GS Air coils.
The one draw back (that doesn't count) is that the tank is connected to the mod with a magnet, and bits and pieces can build up in the bottom of the mod, preventing the magnets from making that connect. This is easily resolved by taking care of your mod, like any tool Vapes need to be cleaned and maintained properly to get the optimal use out of them. With this particular one, when you change your coil (every 3-4 weeks) be sure to clean out the magnets with a cotton bud or even just a wrapped up piece of handy towel. 
Personally, I like the iStick Basic, if I were to go back to the beginning, this would be the starter vape for me. The slightly restricted airflow suits me nicely, and you can restrict that further with the air flow ring on the bottom of the GS Air 2. I'm not a techy kind of person, I carry a notebook around with me and haven't yet progressed onto reading via Kindle so when I first got a vape and it had 5 different settings, with the temperature control, bypass modes and the 4 million (slight exaggeration) different coils that went with it, my head was reeling. Luckily I had the Vapourium crew to help me figure this out, but some people aren't so lucky. The simplicity of the iStick Basic is perfect for a first time user, one button, easy to fill tank and you're away laughing (Disclaimer: I don't recommend vaping while laughing, it hurts).