Introducing Cody! November 15, 2016 12:10

Cody is our resident Trickster at the Vapourium, not only that but he took out the Open Cloud Comp at Tauranga Vape Day with his trusty Mako Shorty on a Noisy Cricket series mod. Afterwards it was said that you could see his coils glowing red through the air flow holes, can I say lungs of steel now?
But Vape Fame isn't the name if the game, when asked why he first started vaping his story is the same as many of our own. "I took up vaping to cut down on smoking." but quitting smoking isn't the only reason Cody is so interested in vaping, as one of our key researchers Cody is always on the look out for new and improved vape technology, "It's impressive to see how powerful pocket sized batteries are now days, and it's exciting to see where it is going".
Cody backs up his statement with his daily combo of a Mako Shorty and Coolfire VI TC-100 box mod (featured in our last newsletter) and the trusty Dotmod Friction Fit Drip Tip, why is this Cody's vape of choice? With a .2 second ramp up time the Coolfire doesn't waste any time, and when paired with a low profile RDA like the Mako shorty it fits nicely in your pocket and isn't cumbersome to carry around. With little internal diameter the Mako Shorty produces an impressive amount of vapour and coupled with that low ramp up time it's not surprising Cody can produce that clouds that he does. 
A guy with charisma such as Cody could work anywhere, so why the Vapourium?
"Cheap Karma Cola." Was his first answer with a grin on his face, "Nah, it is without a doubt the coolest place I've ever worked, attributed to the awesome people I work with and our regular customers. It feels good to be part of something growing that is actively working on harm reduction."
Anyone who has met Cody knows why we are so happy to have him as a part of our crew, besides his epic taste in music and casual one liners, Cody lights up the shop with his presence and we couldn't be happier to introduce him to you guys today!