Innokin Coolfire IV TC100 November 15, 2016 12:00

Innokin had been laying low for a bit and there hadn’t been much in the way of new developments coming from their camp. That was until they launched their popular Coolfire box mod. While this was a new design it lacked the power many vapers had come to expect from a box mod. Cue the Innokin Coolfire IV TC100.

First off, Innokin’s Coolfire IV TC100 looks awesome. With the option of 8 different colours, including a ludicrously shiney special edition Chrome, there’s a hue out there to match most tastes (my favourite being Rose Gold). The body of the Coolfire IV TC100 is similar to the rest of the range and features a nice rounded area that houses the in-built battery, with all the buttons along the side. The screen is an OLED display that shows all the standard information you expect on a vape. The screen isn’t impeded by your hand when you hold the vape and everything is placed ergonomically for comfort and ease of use.

What about the guts of the Coolfire IV TC100? Well at the core of the Coolfire IV TC100 is it’s hi-tech Aethon chip. The Aethon chip allows for an ultra stable boxmod coming with all the circuit protection modern vapes have, but with the addition of clear noise wave cancelling technology which means a cleaner output power. What this means for the user who has no knowledge of current and electricity is a shorter ramp up time. All idiosyncrasies aside and from my personal experience you can go from cold vape to 100watts through your RDA/Tank in about 0.2 seconds, a comparable power latency to the more known DNA200 chips.
The battery inside the unit is a 3300mAh Li-ion battery, which can be charged at a whooping 2amp draw, giving you a full battery in about 1.5-2hours depending on your charging source.

I have been using my CoolfireIV TC100 for about a month now and have found it hard to fault. While the unit’s 100watt limit may leave some wanting I have found due to the ultra fast ramp up time this isn’t an issue. I started using the ISubV tank that it came with but as I’m not a tank guy I put my Mako Shorty RDA on it with a simple 26/32g Dual Clapton coil coming in at ~0.43ohms. Running this rig at around 75watts lasts me a day of solid vaping.

On the whole I find this boxmod to be a reliable and super well performing vape, with a good balance of usability and aesthetic. I’ll be hard pushed to find another regulated mod in this price range that delivers the same experience.