A Better Alternative November 15, 2016 13:17

With the rise of the personal vapourising device we saw the rise of cloud blowing monsters however not everyone wants to make such a bold statement, enter the ecig.

Ecigs are not new to vaping by any means, they were some of the original vapes when vaping hit the market. As the technology progressed a lot of vapers became all about cloud mass yet this is not for everyone. Ecigs are named such as they are comparable in size, draw, and cloud production to conventional cigarettes.

My enthusiasm for ecigs began when I started using an X-TC-2 kit by JOECIG. These tiny wee ecigs come in a handy charging/storage case that overcomes the small charge the battery carries. About the size of a roll-your-own the X-TC battery is the smallest vape on the market. The battery carries a total charge of 90mAh, which is enough for around 20minutes constant vaping. The beauty of the X-TC-2 kit is that you get 2 X-TC batteries, as well as the 900mAh charging/storage case. This gives you around 10 total charges of the batteries, more than enough to last the day. The draw and the amount of vapour is small enough that you wouldn’t feel self conscious using this in the presence of smokers.

Currently I am excited about the Halo G6 Ecig Kit. The Halo G6 is an ecig that comes in a little smaller than a bic pen yet provides a decent amount of vapour with a similar draw to a tailor-made. The Halo G6 is consistently rated as one of the best ecigs on the market, and it’s obvious why when you use one. When used with a high strength nicotine eliquid (I find 12-18mg to be perfect) the throat-hit and amount of vapour would be very familiar to any smoker. These things are as realistic as they get and would be a perfect first vape for anyone looking for a cigarette alternative.

Ecigs are great vapes for people who don’t want to have a big cumbersome vapouriser in their pocket. They offer familiarity and ease of use that their bigger counterparts can’t and personally I’m very excited to see how these grow.